Right India Hotels & Resorts (RIHR)

provides exclusive services for your hotel / resort which includes online & offline marketing. We also provide other services like Branding, Website Management, Call Center Support for managing B2C and B2B segment, Contracting with OTAs and Channel Management, Price Management, Designing Packages and Promotions and trade exhibition promotion.

In short, we deal into Hotels / Resorts Marketing & Representation.

We provide 5 different types of services to choose from:

Hotel Management:

Manages your property with our Manager. You don’t need to worry about daily management of your property. Sales (Online & Offline), Marketing (Online & Offline), Reservation (Online & Offline) and Daily Management will be taken care by us.

Corporate Office:

 We work as your Corporate Office in New Delhi. Sales & Marketing (both Online & Offline) with all types of Reservations (Online & Offline) will be taken care by us.

GSA (General Sales Agent):

 We work as your GSA in New Delhi or Ludhiana (as Punjab Sales Office). Sales & Marketing (both Offline) will be taken care by us.

Revenue Management:

We take care of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). We ensure that your bookings will be increased due to our services. We have specialist with proven records, which ensures increase in your property ranking in OTAs, which result in increase in sales.

Emailer Marketing:

 We design Mailers for you and send it on our email database (around 35,000 travel agent emails from across India). We don’t charge in Cash for this, we provide this service on Barter system.

If you wish to avail any of the above services , then please let us know.